UROMANCY 99​-​19

by Chapeau

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An album on the occasion of Chapeau's 20th year; with the first four tracks being comprised of new material, and the latter four tracks being reinterpretations of previous recordings (click individual tracks for further details).

recorded autumn 2019

© Bankruptcy Studios


released October 16, 2019


all rights reserved



Chapeau Toronto, Ontario

Est. 1999
Ontario, Canada

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Track Name: Revolver Gun Blues
I caught him half out the door
Lookin' halfway to dead
Like the evenin' before

He had it back in his head
So he told me once more
'Bout his lady, and said:

"She's after goin' downtown
For to find her a man
For to foolin' around

So I'm after hatchin' a plan
For to put in the ground
Both them two if I can"

Same old song sung again
Wheels 'round & 'round like a cylinder spins

We headed back in the bar
A familiar tune
Could be heard from afar

Loaded by the light of the moon
To the sound of guitars
We sang Revolver Gun Blues

Same old song sung again
Wheels 'round & 'round like that cylinder spins
Track Name: P Is For Aquina
Regret lies surrounding
Our previous meeting
However so touching
The moment was fleeting
And though it left stoking
An ember still burning
Tonight I am leaving
And won't be returning
Track Name: *okw- *(s)twer+mo-
Three stones in the wishing well
Three stones from the mountain where I cast my spell
And now I see evil

Four spokes on the spinning wheel
And there ain't no way of telling you the way I feel
Because now I see evil
In my eyes, in my eyes

Five bones from the seven crypts
Nine thrones in the throne-room of the thirteen kings
And now I see evil

Blood spurting out of every seam
And there ain't no way of waking from this endless dream
Of hell - I see evil
In my eyes, in my eyes
Track Name: Is?
Gently, gently
Go a little slower
Careful with your load there
How much can you shoulder?

Quickly, quickly
Come a little faster
Pay heed to your lady
Bow down to your master

Whoever makes the rules
Hides within a citadel
Whoever pays the minstrels
Hears the songs they wrote themselves
Whoever holds this bridle
Holds it tight and very well

Onward, onward
Almost at the castle
And then when I get there
Was it worth the hassle?

Ponder, ponder
Are my labours over?
Or is my lot in life to
Forever play the fool?

However far I've wandered
However far I fell
Whatever price is offered
There's nothing left to sell
Whoever holds this bridle
Has become increasingly harder to tell

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