by Chapeau

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Being a collection of previously unreleased outtakes and heretofore unfinished fragments, variously written and/or recorded over the past decade, and finally brought together here into a certain form of fruition.

recorded 2006-2016

© Bankruptcy Studios


released February 4, 2016


all rights reserved



Chapeau Toronto, Ontario

Est. 1999
Ontario, Canada

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Track Name: Rock's Dark Winter
The road was long and mostly straight
Any curve seemed an arc into mythic time
Above a range of bare trees on the vast horizon
Swirling landscapes of a nostalgic apocalypse
Imbued the darkening violet-grey sky
My weary driver drifts unaware across lanes
As I remain silent and vaguely smile
Track Name: Die Like Galahad
Would you mind too very much
Would it be so terribly bad
If I looked you in the eyes
Then I died like Galahad?

Would it be so very wrong
Would you think me horribly mad
If I said what's on my mind
As I died like Galahad?

Should you find it very hard
Should it feel unbearably sad
Just fall with me through the ice
And we'll die like Galahad
Track Name: Ruintaster
Mystic morning thickness
Clouds the failing verdant night
Rending through a dew-fog
Into sticky webs of light
The ruin-taster catches glimpse
Of stones long unsurveyed
That stir a psychogenic death
To leave him just as they
Track Name: River Dragon (Cascade)
Armoured in reverie
Armed with race memory
I've seen the advancing forces of our invisible enemy

There, on the playgrounds of youthful summers
We'll return to engage in our terminal battles

To explode titanic dream machines
And set fire to the sky
To lift high all the dead who yet still yearn to die

So rise up, and away, on a river of victory
Bob forth and drift on through the murk of infinity

Towards that dark liquid hollow of magnetic sleep
Sinking in slow orchestral movements
Unendingly deep

Into that eddy of being, and never having been
Into the arms we all spurn, then go back to again
Track Name: One Last Thing
One last thing
Before you go
There's something I thought you should know
At least I thought I did...
But damned if I can think of it

That's alright
Never mind
There's no need for me in wasting all your time
Digging up the past...
But hold steady, hold fast

Just right then
Just right now
Just one moment, though I don't know how
I'll find my words and tell...
But then you up and left as well

Perhaps one day
I'll think of you
When the sky's some bright insipid blue
And I'll shed this presque vu...
But I still won't know what to do

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