by Chapeau

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Commissioned and released by Brise-Cul Records in 2006 (SADE-050) as a conceptual album in the vein of 'Commonplaces'. Again, the actual concept has now been somewhat obscured through the passage of time, although an interesting attempt at its decipherment can be found in the book 'Citations: A Brief Anthology' (J.S. Seneschal, ISBN 9780992149505).

© Bankruptcy Studios


released June 6, 2006



all rights reserved


Chapeau Toronto, Ontario

est. 1999
Ontario, Canada


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Track Name: It's Hard Not To Die
If I only knew what I wanted
Surely I could steal it
There’s got to be something that I need to get along
If I had to take a life tonight
God knows I would take it
I’d break any law you could find, commit any crime
...wouldn’t I?
Track Name: Deathgrip On Living
I’m known Uptown, Downtown, Fortside, Donside
Etobicoke, Scar’bro, North York city, c’mon
I’m a dead-eyed, gun-slinging killer with a hot hand
Well that’s the word on the street, but I’m really just a conman...
Conning who?

Spreading lies on the ave was the form of my defense
Gooch Ave, Blong Ave, Six Points, Plug Hat Road
Till I was caught by a chief hold-up in the north end
On a Grassway or Vineway, Flaming Roseway
I forget...

He said “I’m glad we got to meet ‘cause I got a proposition
A blood-soaked, no joke, point blank payday.”
It seems my bad reputation put me in a worse position
He said “I need three bodies and I don’t mean maybe…
You dig?”

They say the code of the con is to know just enough about everything
So you can lie about anything
But I wouldn’t know murder if it crept up slowly
Put a hand on my mouth and stuck a knife right through me

I had to put the breaks on before the plot got thicker
I said “You got it wrong man, you see I ain’t no killer”
But he kept on driving with a cold lack of interest
He said “Of course you’re not son, now let’s get down to business.”

Then he pushed a figure on me that was six whole digits
And I almost lost my breath ‘cause now I’m chin-deep in it
For that kind of bread…
Who am I to say who I am?
Track Name: From Life & Death To Living Dead
Doctor, if we may be furtive
There are things that I’m unsure of

"For instance?"

If comes the time to act a thief
Will I resolve to mete out grief
Or crumple like an autumn leaf?
Blown to oblivion

“It’s not my place to counsel crime”
“I don’t intend to waste our time”

Hear me out
To steal a life, or two, or three
A clutch of hoods, of thieves like me
Just another rogue in the gallery
Killer whales, vampire bats,
Strangler figs, pedophile mushrooms
I wouldn’t touch the innocent – whoever they are
We take lesser lives just by waking up
So what am I scared of?

“To harm your own, to kill your kind”
“You'd only kill yourself you’ll find”

But if I’m willing to kill maybe I deserve to die
So who am I scared of?
Everyone gets what they deserve
But what’s ‘deserve’? A man-made term
Let me ask you
Is there anything more preposterous
Than two agreeing, nodding heads?
Is the Bible true because it says it is?
Doctor, please encourage me
Track Name: Death By Death Defiance
Well she’ll sit you down, then she’ll set you up
She’ll take your money, but she’ll take no guff
They don’t come any meaner, leaner or tough
She’s a Rock Hardened Criminal

Well she’ll take you in, then she’ll take you out
She’ll make you scream, and she’ll make you shout
And when she leaves you there she will leave no doubt
That she’s a Rock Hardened Criminal

She’s so hot – she must be 'cause she burned me
But she’s so cold – to freeze my heart, and to steal what she stole

Can I lend word to the transgressors here among us?
Can I preach one little bad verse from this good book?
Stand fast pilgrim, take another look…
What did Paul say? Galatians 5:4
Abide by the law and suffer ‘ever more

Genesis 3 – don’t eat from the tree
Don’t eat from the tree of questioning
You’re gonna get sick eating that fruit
You’re gonna get too damned smart for your own damn good
Ignorance is bliss son, didn’t you know that?
There’s no real answers anyway

Now we’re kicked out with leaves on – heaven’s gone
If we ever did really have it at all
It’s hard to remember back that far
And I still feel naked the way we are
There’s not enough clothes in the world to hide our shame
The law of answers only justifies more questions
We keep on asking just the same

And the last question you can ask is:
Do you really know what you know?
But there ain’t no way of knowing
'Cause my hallowed knowledge tells me so

There ain’t no logic, only that which seems logical
There ain’t no magic, only that which seems magical
My head is a prison I’ve been locked in from the start
So if I'm treated like a criminal I might as well play the part

I am a criminal – lay the blame upon me
I am a criminal – I’ll bare these chains to be free
I am a criminal – the case for crime has been made
I am a criminal – the price for life will be paid
Track Name: L'Amour De Mort
Vive la nation qui a construit Teotihuacan.
Ils n'étaient pas une fiction telle que Maldoror.
Ils ont été à la guerre avec les dieux pour toujours.
À la guerre avec la paix, à la paix avec la guerre.

Ils réclament que la vie a été volée des dieux,
Cela que nous n'avons été jamais censés pour l'avoir.
Peut-être c'est pourquoi nous ne se comprend pas.
Mais les humains l'ont pris de toute façon,
Seulement parce qu'ils pourraient,
Parce qu'ils n'ont eu aucune crainte.

Des générations plus tard, quand le grand serpent fait varier a traversé la mer,
Elles n'ont pas hésité à combattre cet envahisseur.
Elles ne se sont pas inquiétées s'il venait le ciel ou d'Espagne.
Elles étaient contentes pour livrer bataille qu'elles ont sue qu'elles perdraient.

Comme la bataille contre le temps,
Quand les dieux reprendront inévitablement ce qui appartient à elles.
Mais cette nation adroite a su apaiser les dieux.
Ils ont su prolonger l'à court terme qui est resté.
Un sacrifice humain, chaque maintenant et puis,
Jusqu'à ce qu'il n'ait pas y eu une seule gauche à tuer.
Track Name: Waiting To Die (And The Suspense Is Killing Me)
“Before I agree to aid you, you must give me the names of victims”

Do I really look that foolish?

“We both know you’re incapable of doing this without me”
“Now out with the names, all three of them”

Did I say three? I suppose that’s fitting
A holy ghost in our strange trinity
A Platonic third man in our felosophy

“Behold, the hands of my betrayer are with me at the table”

Come now - I’m no more a betrayer than you’re a doctor

“Guilty as charged. You know who I am."
"I’m a criminal, and I know who you are.”
“You commit crimes for criminals, and against them as well."
"You are a criminal. You know who you are."

"You know who sent me."
I know who I am.

Only room for one criminal
Only time for one last crime
1 + 2 – 3
Felo de se


Is it any wonder how
Things have come to be this way?
Think I’ll have to tear it all down
Start again - but it’s not that easy

One plus one plus one, brick on brick on…
Building to a sum that will not be built to
Golden rules and Job, snakes and ladders
Eden’s paradox – the fact of all matters

Higher than infinity, less than nothing
Apostate divinity, this tower is crumbling

Raging trains of thought with just one weakness:
Completely limited by unlimited incompleteness
Therein lies the hook, or so we’ve reasoned
But reason is the crook, oh sweet Lord please have mercy

Higher than infinity, less than nothing
Apostate divinity, this tower is crumbling

Higher than infinity, less than nothing
Will to live return to me when one plus one means something