by Chapeau

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Conceived as a sort of "concept demo", this second ever Chapeau release followed hot on the heels of the first, achieving levels of fidelity and musicianship even lower than its predecessor. Written and recorded through a pair of old walkman headphones in a matter of days during late 2002, 'Commonplaces' was then selectively issued in early 2003. The exact nature of said "concept" is now anyone's guess.

© Bankruptcy Studios


released January 4, 2003



all rights reserved


Chapeau Toronto, Ontario

est. 1999
Ontario, Canada


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Track Name: Cold Nola (Blues Reaper)
Across the border of the state where Blues came from
And about an hour’s journey as the river runs
Is the city where the barges and the ships pass through
Taking cotton and the cotton-picking music too
To the east and to the west and to the north and south
So that black begotten tunes can drip from my white mouth
Louisiana Purchase
Mississippi Delta
New Orleans
Track Name: The War Began
Breezes dancing through the screen door
Kitchen bathed in mid-day sunlight
A glass is on the windowsill
And everything will be alright

Bloodstains wash out easy
Like sleep from your eyes
And leather is the reason why

Winter creeps up quickly
As snow pelts the ground
And piping chimneys make no sound
Track Name: Beige Field Relocation
In the forgotten city countryside
I’ve seen people living in the wild
And I might be drunken, or a bit too sober
'Cause I’ve considered crossing over

Commonplaces, meaningless chores
Dead-end daydreams, don’t need them anymore
Because you don’t need anchors if you don’t seek harbours
You can just float forever or sink to the bottom

Yet something tells me:
Do not…
Do not do…
Do not do what you’ve been thinking of doing
It’s a long ways off from anything close to living
It’s foolhardy
It’s not smart

...but I don’t care
I just have to get out of here
Track Name: Eyes Of The Night
Eyes up behind you, eyes left and right
Eyes around every corner, eyes out of sight
Eyes of the night

Eyes of misfortune, eyes of delight
Eyes dilated twofold in the absence of light
Eyes of the night

They want you so bad
But don’t look back or you’re dead

Eyes looking through you, eyes of dismay
Eyes condescending downward, eyes glance away
Eyes of the day

Eyes that mislead you, eyes that betray
Eyes telling every little secret that their lips won’t say
Eyes of the day

They watch you but they don’t care
So just hide away and wait for night
Track Name: Release Don't Release
In the forgotten city countryside
Underneath a darkened sky
On a landscape like an old photograph

Barbed-wire branches wisp around a post
Concealing the framework of a ghost
Tied and left here seasons ago

Bound to the steak with twine
A rib-cage on a length of spine
Is all that remains, no one ever came back

Flesh to the beasts
Marrow to the soil
Bones into dust
Soul into the unknown
Track Name: Pentacle Tree
As a ghost I haunt a house, but not mine
I was homeless at the ending of my former life
And in this house there are other ghosts always near
And though I’m dead I spend my hours in fear

But through a window, frosted with dust and old
I see a tree where another story is told
Branches overlap, forming little stars
And through the middle of these pentacles I travel far

From the darkness to a quarry of light
Cutting through layers of protein pink and calcium white
And my creation: a giant nautilus shell
When once trenched to the sea will float directly out of hell
Track Name: Pronoun Rising
In these lands, of these times
It’s a scam, it’s a crime, it’s a crime
It’s a crime against who’s right - but who knows who is who?

I can see through the lies
But I can not devise a compromise
In this realm where nothing’s true - what am I to do?
Track Name: The Word Is No
No parking, no biking
No swimming, no hiking
No driving too fast or slow
And the word is No

No camping, no cooking
No laughing, no looking
No stopping, no place to go
And the word is No

How can just one word, just two letters
Keep so much from getting done?
We'd be worse off without it
No doubt about it
So stand up and shout it
No's no fun!

No talking, no teasing
No rhyming, no reason
No hiding from "n" and "o"
And the word is No